Who am I?

“Been throwing coffee in my face since ’99”

I do WordPress.

Installs and set-ups for people mainly. I wish I had the chops to make apps and code properly, but my little designery brain can’t handle the math. Props to those who do.


The Short History:

I started blogging in 2003 – and its still available. I didn’t know I was ‘blogging’ then. No-one did it. It was just a feature on my photography page. Previously I have worked for 10 years in web design and development, I’m an extreme sports photographer, and enjoy covering events in a reportage style. I like to skateboard and flip about in a Gym.

Here’s the digital me:
Passive twitterer
Reluctant Facebooker
Life long skateboarder
Hefty Googler
Content distributer
Visual sharer
Acrobatic editor
Web designer


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