Using iTunes Producer for iBooks upload

Just a quick note on iTunes Producer use.

  • Log in with the client account – not your own!
  • Have a copy of the book cover ready – 1440px on the shortest side. Note: landscape vs portrait – it’s not clear yet. I’ve just tried landscape, and will report back how that goes.
  • Get ready with your categories: Pick BISAC then drill down to where you want to be placed in the catalogue.
  • Have a description ready, and the page count.
  • Have the .epub, or .ibooks file(s) ready – you’ll need a sample file too! 10% of the book is fair.
  • Know your prices – this is where you’ll be able to set it for all territories. I picked everything (DRM free) and set the price for my UK value (£2.99) which worked out as $4.49. You also have to set a print book price: this is compulsory, so I picked £11.99 (even though there isn’t a print book).

That’s it. Pretty easy. I’ll feedback later as to how the upload and position in the store fares.



Launching into iBooks (Author)





After yesterdays full jump into Calibre, today saw none of it. Today was all about picking up my MacBook Pro and mucking about with iBooks Authors. I’ve used this software once before to create a book for the iPad and loved working with it. All day long I’ve been refreshing my memory, digging into the templates and dropping a rough PDF into it. I managed to get a lot done very quickly. 11 pages of my rough book conversion, tbh. I say ‘rough’ because, I’m keen to rebuild my entire book twice. Yes, twice. Why? Because I want to really learn to bash out a book in ultra-quick time, and I believe version 2 will be better (more consistent) that version 1. 

That’s dedication for you! What better way to learn, than on the job 🙂 

I might get some time to work on it more over the weekend, which I hope I can do, because I came over and said to Avila, how much I loved, loved, loved, working with iBooks Author. 

I feel like it is a great culmination of my skill set: design, development, creative writing, technology and software. I feel like I want to turn this into a full service and promote now. 

As for yesterday’s Calibre work, that’s going to sit on the back burner for a while – need to prioritise this iBook first! 

Lovin’ it – Mark 🙂


dipping my fingers in eInk

I have me eReader… and now I need to blog about it. But I don’t want to talk about what it is, I want to talk about what it will be. 

The moment I switched it on, and saw the screen quality, was the moment I realised that all my printed books would slowly become obsolete. Remember the first time you converted, ripped or downloaded an Mp3? that feeling that everything from here on, is set to change – that’s the same feeling I had over this shiny brushed metal machine.

The reading surface is what I want to shout about. Not the technology from the brand, the screen, or ‘surface’ – which is probably a better name for it. It isn’t a screen, it doesn’t resemble anything I have ‘ever’ owned. Think about that. Or anything you have ever owned.

Consider your LCD watch, your laptop, your calculator, your microwave digital timer, your tv screen, your phone, your mp3 player and now consider that the screen on the eReader does not resemble any of those at all. This is new. New like the iPod touch. Its that new. Not ‘new’ as in recent, ‘new’ as in different, revolutionary and unprecedented.

Its a surface, not a screen. It isn’t backlit, it isn’t glossy, and this is the big one…. the brighter the day the better it works. You have to try one of these things to understand what I’m talking about. Every other electrical device you own, that has a screen of some sort, fails in sunlight. This thing excels. This is the very first digital electrical device I have ever owned that I want to take outside in the blinding summer (ok autumn) sunshine.

This surface (not this product) will replace books, it will make your book collection obsolete, publishers are right to be worried, paper now has a serious competitor and one day you will understand exactly why I am this certain.