Creative Assets

Here is a collection of creative assets to support my Writing for New Media portfolio.

Image Animations

Note: if the animations do not appear to be moving, this is a caching issue of your browser. Please click on the images and view full size.




The Writing Platform event video.

During the event, I captured audio recordings of attendees and posed them the question, What is your digital takeaway from today? After the event, I created a twitter hashtag of #lastwordsfrom and sent out the tweets of the attendees comments.

The answers and tweets were edited in with a slideshow from photographs found on-line of the event and can be seen here:

I used this event as a test bed for my assignment and noted the following problems:

  • video compression – pixelating my images and screengrabs, eg: tweets.
  • missing transitions from the timeline
  • copyright permissions not sought from the photographers
  • the question wasn’t captured in the audio recordings
  • not enough audio responses captured
  • slow turnaround time for video production.

With all these points noted, I shall explore ways of making the process smoother in future.

Image Manipulation



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