Ethereum is going down; Ethereum is going up

People are panicking atm about the fall Ethereum is taking. Some people who bought whilst high (me included), yet some of those same people (not me) are worried shitless.

The people who are panicking have bought on a whim, mostly likely with a view to sell in the short term.

The people who did not buy on a whim (did their homework, and understand what Ethereum is) are not looking to sell in the short term.

This drop doesn’t worry them.

Ethereum is dropping because some changes are happening – that’s all. Think of it as some ‘admin’ is going on, combined with all the people who are looking to make a quick buck are selling (in panic mode).

If you’re in panic mode, please sell now so it pushes the price down even further so I can buy more Ethereum.


Because Ethereum is only going to go up again probably at four times the level it is now.

As I explained to a friend recently…

Let’s think of Ethereum as an engine, a standardised (web) engine, which everyone can build on top of (and people are). The people who are building their ideas right now are going to be launching them to the world in the next 12 months. All of these new businesses will push the demand for Ethereum further and further beyond Bitcoin.

So, let the price drop, then buy more.

I am.


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