Essential Bitcoin apps you can trust

So in my quest to learn more (so much more) about cryptocurrencies, I have a few essential apps right now.

I think it’s important to share these with as many people as possible because it’s really hard to know who to trust in the sphere. With the whole market being unregulated the chances of making a big error and risking your coins is high.

So take a look at these apps, test them, and share them with friends.

Coinbase (app / Website)
My first point of call for getting set up with a creditcard and purchasing my first coins. I also use the mobile app to quick check prices in the morning. (mobile app)
As soon as I had around £400 worth of coins I got nervous having them with Coinbase because the first place to be targeted by hackers is going to be exchanges (Which means Coinbase – as it’s the biggest/most well known). So, I found Jaxx and shifted half my coins to its Wallet. I now have 50% chance of losing all my money 😀 (website / app)
Shapeshift is (as I understand it) the ‘standard’ for any altcoin conversions. This means, say you learn about an obscure coin and want to buy into it. You can use to do it. You simply buy bitcoins, and use Shapeshift to convert that into whatever new currency you want. (app / website)
This is the ultimate altcoin market app – hundreds of coins are being monitored. If it isn’t here, it probably doesn’t exist (so don’t invest in it!).

How about some trading… If you want to start buying and selling in order to play the market…

eToro (app / website)
This is a social trading app, and you can use it to watch the market, learn who to copy, set up a ‘virtual’ account (with fake cash) and play around. If you really get into it you can switch to a real account and start winning (and losing!). I’m just playing the virtual account atm, but it’s handy to follow some crypto-people and watch their advice and newfeeds to see why they’re reacting and when.

Finally, (not an app) but some security…

Ledger Nano S (for secure offline storage)
It might look like a little USB stick but it isn’t. It’s a secure ‘key’ for holding your coins (Think of it as your own personal bank) It’s currently sold out right now (June 2017) and new stock is due in in a couple of months. Which hopefully means it’ll be back in stock on Amazon! The general consensus is: the is the best for price, set up, and security. As soon as I can, I’ll be buying two, and storing the other in a completely different location to where I live (parents house probably). Remember your coins are only as safe as your storage so the more precautions you make the safer you’ll be.

ok, that’s it for my essential bitcoin apps you can trust.

Hope this helps someone, and if it does, please let me know!



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