Writing Fiction with Markdown

I have realised that I’m obsessed with writing Fiction in Markdown. This is very geeky. Most people don’t even know what Markdown is, let alone is thinking of writing with it.

In my quest to discover the best software for my needs, I’ve been searching the net for great tools.

For anyone who knows what Markdown is, they will know that you don’t need an app or software to write with it. Agreed. However, until the joys of seeing my text auto-render as a beautifully formatted document as I type, becomes dull – I will always write in a dedicated Markdown editor.

I have explored every Markdown app worth its weight in the iPad store, and I have also Googled for the best software to use on my PC. I am now happy. I have found three good tools for the PC, which are: MarkdownPad, Brackets, and Stackedit.

For the iPad: I have tried many but only invested in one. InkMark. I want to explain what I have been searching for, why these software choices worked for me and what things I find essential in a Markdown writing tool.

I don’t plan to talk about MarkDown code itself, DaringFireball does that perfectly well, nor do I plan to talk about the benefits of writing in MarkDown (yet). I’ll save that for another post.

On to the review! View the next post.



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