20 things

  1. I need the loo
  2. It’s a beautiful day for a walk into town for a coffee
  3. Glastonbury 2013 is on right now and I’m never there.
  4. Work is going well, but I want it weller.
  5. I had a bad dream last night about my parents and wasps.
  6. I want to catch the bus to Bath: 10.30am, possibly.
  7. Today I’ll start writing a non-fiction book: my first
  8. I might try a hypnotherapy session to get over a personal hurdle
  9. I don’t need the loo any more.
  10. I am desperately waiting for a software update for ProCreate 1.8
  11. I really, really wish MS was supporting Expression Encoder 😦
  12. A site I put live yesterday is not working properly yet 😦
  13. Avila is in Birmingham all weekend and I have no car.
  14. I have been sketchnoting, with success (somewhat).
  15. I can only manage 15 things…

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