Expression Encoder 4 screen capture stops



[Update: the answer is… I thought I owned MS EE Studio 4 Ultimate full retail version, the version I have is the Student version. I thought they were the same, but alas, they are not. For this reason, buying the Student version and assuming I will have extended screen capture enabled is bollocks. I should have saved myself £60 and used the free trial version. The full retail version of only EE4 Pro (not Studio Ultimate) is £150. Which isn’t worth it unless I definitely plan on going over 10mins of screen capture. If you’re anything like me and thinking of using this stuff, save your money, run the trial and don’t go over 10 mins. What next? I’ll take a look at Camtasia from Techsmith, however that looks like a pile of memory hogging, badly designed like it’s 1994, American toss, sadly.]

I have been having a massive problem with Microsoft Expression Encoder Pro 4 Screen Capture software, stopping on me after 10 minutes recording, despite that I’ve bought a full version of the product!

I’ve installed the full expression Studio 4 Ultimate CD OK, ran the encoder screen capture, and it still cuts out after 10 mins. I’ve also activated the Product Key and still no luck.

What now? Straight on to MS support and I’ve been kicked around their voice jail system for 30mins to be told that a support ticket has been logged and I will be emailed the next day to start the full support process!

Really frustrating – I’ve paid for this!

Anyone else have the problem out there? I’ll post up what happens here, as soon as I know more.



One thought on “Expression Encoder 4 screen capture stops

  1. Get the free edition of v4.0.4276 (SP2) from Microsoft website. This has the 10 minute screen capture limitation removed, but there is still no recording to mp4 because it is supplied without codecs.

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