Where it’s at; two turntables and a microphone.

8 Unexpected Downsides of the Switch to E-books

#8. You Can’t Hide a Gun in a Kindle
#7. You Need Physical Books for Physical Tasks
#6. No More Flipbooks and Mustaches in Textbooks
#5. It May Change the Perception of the Necronomicon and Other Mystical Books
#4. Book Burnings Will Have Less Visual Impact
#3. How Will People Open Secret Passageways?
#2. You Can’t Separate Bathroom Books from Outside Books
#1. People Will Really Have to Think Before Handing Out Fliers and Religious Pamphlets

This blog post title, comes from what happened to be playing on the stereo at the time of press. It makes reference to the media of music production being analog, where it is in fact, digital. Granted, we’re not talking about Daniel Bedingfield producing a god-awful album on an Amstrad 64 or whatever it was, but we are still talking 5mm jack plugs and a boat load of 4-way power adapters. This means, what? Digital! Not analog.

However the reference is towards the past… that’s ‘where it’s at’ (two turntables and a microphone). Digital music production has been surpassed by an enhanced form of digital music production.

What of blogging? The act of ‘digital publishing’ has been surpassed by an enhanced form of digital publishing: ebooks.

I believe that blogging for the average blogger (me included) is dead because most of us don’t have anything to say or add to the conversation other than the ability to say ‘sweet’ at someone else’s good ideas; or of course sit in our own ivory towers of self indulgence.

Die-hard bloggers are actually writers and journalists and they ultimately want their ideas to be heard (or read) and for that you need an audience. The trouble is, people are discovering their blog doesn’t attract an audience. What to do? Stay on your own (dead) turf? Pimp yourself on someone else’s (more popular) blog? Or – and I believe this is what writers (caught in their own ego trap) will turn to – write for the ebook market (however small that may be).

Instead of blogging well for free, blog well for 10p a punt/post – yes, micro payments will change everything as soon as a bank starts to offer it without ridiculous charges being added. Seth Godin said we should look at blog posts as really short, free, ebooks: and when is he ever wrong? (I mean apart from Squidoo)

This thought has stopped. Therefore I will stop too mid…


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