Create A Liquid Metal Photography Effect

Here’s an artistic challenge for any creative / photographer out there.

A Liquid Metal Photography Effect:

1: Get a ‘carpet’ of silver glitter… nice and thick.
2: buried in the ‘glitter carpet’ will be devices that can push out high powered jets of air.
3: Set everything up in a low light / evening location
4: Set a photographic camera to an approximate 2 sec exposure (no idea on aperture btw, experiment)
5: Set a separate flash to strobe during the 2 sec exposure
6: Fire the jets of air
7: Fire the Camera and the Strobe flash

With some fiddling, you will get a unique liquid metal effect with every picture. yay! (maybe… I haven’t tried it… however….)

I produced this photograph some years ago… with a chrome BMX and the same camera set up as above and it has always been a dream to do it again, but the situation never appeared. I’d love to see someone else try it and post the results.

Let me know if you do.


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