Love rat wanted to wed

(I was given 10 mins to write a 250 word piece based on the above heading)

The shop blinked in light as the florescent tube starter coughed into action and he could do no more than squint whilst wandering through the biscuit aisle. At the window he pulled out a four folded piece of paper titled “Love Rat Wanted To Wed” with a bitter paragraph about some adulterating male. Clearly another angry bitch, putting some poor soul through hell. His peripheral vision spotted a shape of a figure across the road though the glass in the morning light. It was Janet. His sweet beautiful Janet, the woman that sank his heart and lifted his spirits with a waft of her court injunction in his direction.

Her hair blew wildly about her deep blue eyes and sharp, blood red lips. She caught his gaze, and the world froze. The cup of coffee in his hand fell to the floor and exploded on the Lino momentarily pulling his eyes to his wet feet. Once his gaze returned, she had gone. Had he dreamt it? He rubbed his eyes quickly, pressed his face on the window and glanced up and down the road.

Running to the back of the shop, the doors burst open with his weight and he lurched into the street. She was no-where to be seen. Nothing but tails of delivery van lights and market traders banter. Turning back towards the shop, he saw a flame ignite, flicker and illuminate from behind the glass. Janet stood with a match and something flammable in hand, his breath stopped with his pulse as she mouthed the word ‘Bastard’ before dropping them both.

Now whilst I’m all for encouragement, this feedback from the tutor was glowing, however I can’t help to be a little bit skeptical particularly as she has only seen this one piece. Possibly a fluke. Time will tell.


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