Do I Need An Original Name?

What’s in a name?

So I’m trying to think of a new project name and it’ll be no surprise to anyone that pretty much anything ‘normal’ you can think of is gone. This saddens me a little. I’m in to the Internet (a lot) and I experience this problem a lot. The answer I give people has been: find something original.

Notice the past tense there?

I’m now thinking of switching my words to: find something consistent.


Because Originality isn’t the problem. Consistency is. Understanding the difference between the two is important. Possibly more important than being original or unique.

People have been plagued with finding original ‘names’ for something forever. It’s a business standard. But business has changed and so too has the communication tools for business (personal & professional). Because of this, we don’t need to be original any more. If my information distribution can be instant and new ideas can spread quickly. Why the need for originality? Or even the need to be unique in a things identity?

I’m proposing (without any evidence) that kids in future won’t see the need for original names for projects, companies, events, products or services because their network can be instantly communicated with.

With this thought, I can tell people where to find my information wherever it is Online and the people that care (the Audience) will distribute it for me. For those that don’t know (the Market) they will hear about something (good) and have to hunt for it (basic game theory) and have the reward of finding it (fulfilment).

The only thing I see stopping young people from adopting this approach in future is business mentors that don’t understand how the communication landscape has changed. Those that ‘do it themselves’ with no ‘old world’ business advice will just create whatever feels right to them and deal with the mechanics afterwards.

This thought came from a mate that wanted to set up a sports academy called ‘The Hub’. I broke it to him gently that it is a common name and it will already be taken on many social spaces. He didn’t seem phased or concerned, just looked at me and said how everyone he knows, knows it’s him and it will be ‘his Hub’ and not anyone else’s.

That’s when it suddenly struck me, that I was not thinking ‘instant’ enough with communication tools. James had a big active network. He is known for his interests and his dialogue & content sharing with his audience is frequent. My ‘concerns’ for his company name are all rooted in a slow, communication world.

Even if he goes for 5 years, then has to change the name… he can just change it and let everyone know the new one. Easy.

So where is the need for original names, when you can tell everyone in your network a new name instantly? Maybe there will be a time when we can change our operating name as frequently as our postal address and it not be a big deal?

Next up: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google? What’s the big deal there? Can’t a business operate under any name they wish and become known for it in those spaces and others because of their continual social activity? I think so. Watch this space.

Times have changed… and the kids haven’t even noticed.

What do you think? Has your hunt for an original name driven you bonkers? Have you settled for something that wish you hadn’t? Or have you paid the price for sticking with your first and best name whatever the cost? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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