What am I doing?

I’m blogging.


Don’t know yet.

Is that important?


What is important?

That I blog.


Because organising thoughts in my head for public consumption is more important than we think. I think people are forgetting how to communicate – they are doing ‘stuff’ and doing lots of stuff. But they aren’t communicating well.

What do you mean?

We all have a means to share our thoughts, but we don’t put any value in thinking out loud unless those thoughts are organised first. In essence we’re ‘trying too hard’ to communicate like a normal person, without just ‘being’ one instead. We’re over-thinking the process of ‘being’ ourselves, because we’re trying to be ‘proper’ & ‘better’ online. We should just ‘be’ instead.

Give me an example?

shit, fuck, bugger, bastard, bollocks, cunt. <— this is an example of the type of self censorship we all do to ourselves whilst 'claiming' to be 'ourselves'. We are happy to share with the world what we are doing, but not happy to share with the world what we are thinking.

So you think we should swear more?

Yes! Or not. The point is putting our fingers down and typing on a keyboard isn't about 'them' or the community or a customer. It's about me, first. Relative. Me. What I do, think, be, go, eat, see & touch. Not about thinking about the end user first. Babies spend years figuring out words and sentence structures before starting to put conherant conversation together. Just because you're an adult, that doesn't mean you can do it well immediately.

Are you saying how I speak is wrong?

Probably. Most peoples idea of public communication online is through a professional formal announcement or a personal informal conversation. We are all pretty good at doing both. But we're not very good at a personal formal announcement or a professional informal conversation. Personally I don't have much use for the former, but right now, I and possibly you, do have a use for the later.

To do that well… guess what? You have to start practicing and that starts by taking off the censors, realising that no-one is paying any attention to anything you say, until you start getting good at it.

Without practicing being 'you' first – mucking about with the words in your head – there is no way you can communicate effectively in any other online social capacity (personally or professionally). You can think you're doing it well, but you're not. It's like learning to draw and thinking that every doodle you create from day one is going to be a masterpiece (and worrying about it). It's like playing an instrument and thinking every tune that emits will become a hit song. If you're new to the concept of blogging, updating statuses, tweeting or having any type of social communication online you have to practice first to undo all that baggage you’re carrying by default.

So if you want to make any head way into communicating well online, just start. Put words on a page and make them public, before anyone tells you otherwise. Unless you have an audience of thousands already, no-one will pay you the slightest bit of attention… which is exactly what you need whilst figuring out what to say & what to say well.

If this inspires a thought, I would love to hear about that in the comments below. If the above inspires action, I definitely want to hear about it. However I do understand that if you're new to the idea of public dialogue or commenting on websites or are just nervous, then just reading will be fine.



3 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. See what I did here? I started the post without a clue and ended up with a good post by the end of it. This is where ‘doing’ excels and procrastinating about doing hampers.

    See what I’ve done here? I’ve used the comments to continue my thoughts after the post was published. This way the article can stand ‘as is’, and the updates and conversation can grow in the comments.


  2. Now that was a nice ramble… and I guess in the spirit of the original I should just give a reply without fully structuring my thoughts… I guess there is room for both types of posting. Those that are considered, reflected-upon, honed and then shared with the world. These can offer up great insights as well as the “stream of consciousness” approach that you take above. Either way can work – but if people are inhibited from putting anything on the internet because they think their contribution should only fall into the “considered” category – then we all miss out on the gems that can arrive as part of this alternative approach.

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