A kindle it is

So the results are in. I bought a Kindle.

Should be arriving next week sometime. I’m excited to receive it, but not necessarily to read with it. I love the e-ink technology and want to support it 100%, but I already have a Sony E-reader which doesn’t get used much anyway. The technology isn’t much different in either of them. The Amazon should be better for reading titles and judging from the Kindle Store, the books are cheaper than Waterstones. I’ll be interested to see if the difference between the 2 brands creates a difference in my reading habits.

One thing that did occur to me is e-ink reading is already retro. As soon as the iPad was launched with great fan fare, the black & white technology died a little.

Just around the corner is 60 fps full colour flexible e-ink screens… so buy your retro tech now whilst the stock is available.


One thought on “A kindle it is

  1. I just can’t get into electronic books. They drive me nuts! Sometimes I’ll download e-books through my local library, but it takes forever to read them. Whereas if I have the physical book, I can easily read a few hundred pages a day.

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