Effective digital marketing?

so, I joined a ‘social media marketing’ linkedin group for the hell of it, and the first post I click on with 148 comments was one asking people to exchange fanpage ‘likes’ on facebook.

Facebook Fan Exchange: I become a fan, you become a fan

1) Post Your Fan Page Url for Other Members to Become a Fan
2) Anyone that Replies that they have become a fan, then you become a fan of their page.
3) Become a fan of everyone that is listed, and post a reply to each person that you have become a fan of.
4) Log in everyday to add more fans.

Now, forgive me, but I haven’t bought a bike rack in years (decades?) so when I really needed one, I was a little excited to go shopping and see what had changed on the technology front. Unfortunately nothing had, and I was stuck with the same old 80s technology.

This LinkedIn post hit me the same way. I haven’t (ever) joined a social media ‘group’ of any kind before… and I’ve even been advised against it. But I did anyway, because I thought, like the new bike rack idea, that things will have changed. But it appears not. Or, I’ve been completely wrong in my assumptions with all the years gone by that Marketing will have evolved with the digital world.

This LinkedIn post proves nothing has changed. Swapping ‘likes’, is just back slapping, number bumping, target reaching, ego inflating and the equivalent of a chain letter. A virus in a conversational space intent on nothing more than hoodwinking unimaginative, unsuspecting and insecure people in to thinking popularity contests work.

How very sad. I realise the importance of eyeballs, but a hand full of eyeballs that actually resonate with what you do will always be more effective than thousands which don’t. People that persue this type of number crunching, hate their job, hate their company and hate their managers and boss’s. They work for the money not for the love. Why do I think this? Because, slowly, stealthly, they are proving that Marketing sucks major balls, drains cash and time, has little ROI and the people in these roles do nothing but suck life out of companies willing to piss cash up the wall and justify it each financial year because ‘that’s the way it is’.

Well, thank god there is an alternative. The only problem is, it’s still called Marketing and it desperately needs to detach itself as quickly as possible from this old school mentality and start repairing and restoring the damage it created since the printing press was invented.

This is the equivalent of Cricket Vs 20-20 Cricket, Rugby Union Vs Rugby League, WWF vs UFC. Everyone agree’s in the activity, but no-one agree’s on how to do it effectively.

(don’t re-read, don’t edit, just hit Post)



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