I’d like to write a blog post.

But I’ve just read a blog post which proves I don’t ‘really’ know how-to and because of that, I am now aware that if I write one, you will all be bored with reading it.

Blog posts are not, as I have learned, about writing things down that come into your mind.

It contains things like inspiration, research, writing, providing value, rich media, check lists, promotion and following up information and more.

My blog posts contain none of these. They bounce between thoughts, occasionally linking together related ideas, most of which will have been thought about by others. My research is about as accurate as ‘I heard a bloke down the pub say…’ and picking out some basic gists of a half recalled article in the New Scientist – not convincing at all.

But are my words of value? should I stop writing, badly written, unresearched thoughts, vaguely coheisive?

Yes, my drivel is valuable. So it might be disorganised, but its of the moment, its full of enthusiasm, its passionate, relevant to me at least and most importantly, its a joy to write.

this is the reason, why my media outlet, is worth adding to the global pot of amateurism, and the messy wading through of 100s of thousands of unprofessional writings such as mine.

I’m here with my corner of the internet and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, ‘cept sigh and double click away if you don’t like it.

I’m happy with that. I have stats, I have measurables, I have friends and fans and they are all, and only, me.

So my how-to guide on writing blog posts consists of not following any how-to guides on how-to blog. Posts need to be powerful and amateurish and slap happy and irrational and full of errors and writing like an eight year old on too many haribos, its like staking a chocolate flag in your corner of charlie and the chocolate factory – who cares? who’s reading this?

Its easy to assume that if something is written, it becomes ‘authoritive’, and ‘factual’ – well to that I say, that is the error of the reader not the writer. Just because I can hold a pencil that doesn’t make me an international playwrite, just because can count that doesn’t make me a mathematian, and just because I can spout my opinions, that doesn’t make my words worthy of being considered useful to anyone other than myself.

This is my guide, this is my system, this is my contribution to the Internet, and you must take it, or leave it. I have not read this through, I have not spell checked it, or analysed whether any or all of the above has made any sense whatsoever, but its my (excuse the pun) ‘space’ and it needs no proofing or authority to say ‘yay or nay’. Its going up and it feels wonderful.

welcome to the empowered web, now go grab your corner and listen to no-one other than yourself.

You’re that good.


(Don’t re-read, don’t edit, don’t spell-check, just hit publish)


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