10 FaceBook techniques which don’t work on Twitter

1: expecting me to be your ‘friend’.

2: throwing a zombie at me and lol’ing

3: showing me pictures of yourself from various angles

4: designing your twitter page to reflect your crazy personality

5: tracking back through personal comments to make uneducated assumptions about relationships – then broadcasting your ‘facts’.

6: wasting your day scrolling through pages of wedding photos, for pictures of yourself

7: inviting me to join (anything) just because you thought of it, then getting upset that no-none else bothered to join either.

8: disguising your spam updates as carefully thoughtout heartfelt plee’s about starving children in Africa to make me feel guilty

9: comparing any of my stats with yours, ever.

10: unfollowing me to indicate we are no longer friends

These are mine… What are yours?


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