Writing, Time and Lego Batman

Nanowrimo Day 8: 12,599 words and on track.

Take one pan and place it on the hob. Place 2 individual pieces of spaghetti in the pan. Ensure one is half the length of the other and the shorter one stands almost vertically against the edge of the pan, whilst the longer piece leans diagonally from the far side of the pan bottom to the near side of the top edge. Ensure that the longer piece of spaghetti crosses the piece of shorter spaghetti at some point. Gradually fill the pan with boiling water until about a centimetre deep. As more water is added, the water level will rise relative to the diagonal piece at roughly twice the speed of the vertical piece. As more of the longer piece make contact with the water, the spaghetti starts to soften and its weight is pulled down into the boiling water quicker than the vertical piece. To the vertical piece of spaghetti, the rising water level appears slower to the longer piece. However the water level is infact rising the same for both pieces. As the longer piece is getting softer quicker, and falling into the water, the unexposed length is being reduced. This also shifts the point of which it crosses the shorter piece. To the shorter piece this ‘crossing point is being pulled towards the rising water level at a vastly greater speed than of the view relative to the longer piece of spaghetti.

The water level is Time. The longer piece of spaghetti represents 1 characters’ storyline whereby Time is aparently travelling quickly. The shorter piece respresents a 2nd characters’ storyline, whereby aparently Time is moving slower. The point of crossing for the 2 pieces of spaghetti, indicate the change that is arriving for the 2 characters and once finally met by Time (the rising water) both characters understanding of Time will be uniform. The pan represents my book, and the cooker is just a cooker, and the story isn’t science fiction or a spaghetti western.

Emily is playing lego batman standing 4ft from the television, the back of her head looks lovely today.


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