Nanowrimo year 3

Loads of work to do, moving house (or trying to), wanting to skate all wkends and hang out with Emily and do cool things. Surely I have no time for writing this year?


But I’m doing it again this year.

It’s a bit like running a marathon: everyone else’s spurs you on to put one foot in front of the other and eventually you get to the end. I haven’t realised how important it is to use the community for motivation to finish until now. Its Day 2 and I haven’t started yet, but just 5mins looking around twitter and the nanowrimo site and I’m sucked in again.

Hello 6am alarm clock every day for the next 28 days!

Woo… 🙂


One thought on “Nanowrimo year 3

  1. Mark,
    I hope Day 3 has been productive for you! Sounds like you are a pro at this already, so I appreciate that you stopped by my blog and offered much needed encouragement — thanks!

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