Tonia is doing my head in…

She got back to me the other night before I could reply to her last email with booking details from Singapore Changi Airport to Bristol getting in at 9.50am! Sod that for a game of soliders, the traffics going to be chocka at that time. She’s obviously never negotiated the A37 or Jnc 19 at that time of the morning.

Then today she had a right knot in her knickers and sent me this as an email:

Subject: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Copy: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Cheeky monkey. I’m putting it down to sofa stress. I’ll pen her a message now and be back in a bit with the results.



One thought on “Tonia is doing my head in…

  1. Hi Mark,

    I was advertising a room for rent in Edinburgh and Tonia Wong got in contact, with a similar pack of lies to the one she’s been spinning you. I knew she was at it straight away, having almost been scammed before by some girl from Nigeria who claimed to want the room and strangely enough needed me to accept a rubber cheque, but immediately pay the change to her Western Union account. Anyway, I digress. Tonia wrote the same lines as I see she wrote knew. I thought I would indulge her initially, just to see how this scam was operated. Eventually I got bored, before she went into all the details of getting on flights…..I then wrote back to her, telling her she was a scamming bastard and was she proud of herself? Her response was hilarious…”you are in trouble” – priceless. I then sent one back, asking if her dad was in fact bigger than mine, to which she responded by telling me to “grow up”…….quite a piece of advice from someone living in the gutter of trying to trick people.

    I trust you are now fully aware of her real intentions?

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