Tonia is getting it all Wong…

I hadn’t even got back to her about the last email, and she’s fired another one through to me…


Hi Mark,

I have been very busy all day and its a new day here again.It been a crazy and stressful day for me today

I finally meet with the lady in singapore and She told me its no big issue as she does this because of business associates who wants to Dodge high taxes and bank commisions.This lady is an Air Hostress that works with the KLM Royal dutch Airlines,do you know such airline?she is a proffesional in this business.We had a brief discussion because she seems a very busy woman,and she came to a conclusion saying the sofa was a good idea,am i not a genius lol?we came to a conclusion,but her asking price was way too high,she wants $40,000 as an upfront,then when it delivers,i will have to balance her up $10,000.


She said there is a flight going to the Bristol Great Britain Airport(BRS) on Friday 9/10/09,and she will be working aboard the flight also,which means i have to board the same flight as well,she also said we both will arrive at the Winford Manor Hotel via a private KLM Royal dutch Airlines bus shuttle which will be arranged privately by her. and you can come pick me from there.Is your place far from the hotel?,i will advice you bring a car that the sofa can fit into,its not too large.She accompanied me to Malaysia by road in her jeep to pick the sofa up,driving is just 2hrs from singapore to malaysia,i also gave her few asian antiques to avoid any suspicion from neigbours,everything happened like it was just a friend picking up a sofa from my house.after seeing the sofa,she said its properly sealed,you know i spent 17hrs getting that done.

I followed her back to singapore with the sofa because she insisted,when we got to singapore,we went to an IKEA store to get like a packaging wrapper thats very thick,and she did more sealing and put an IKEA tag on it.She said it will be part of her cabin crew Luggage.Do i really trust her?i will say %80 i do,because she owns her personal house in singapore which we arrived at,she seems so rich herself and her husband is an Architecture himself,although i didnt meet with him,but i saw her two daugthers,I had to tell her a more proffessional story and She is aware the money belongs to a diamond seller and i am just a client here in asia,so when you come pick me up,look smart and speak less okay?

Mark All ll i have in my savings is just $27,930 that i have been saving for a while now to buy myself a house,and i really need to fly back and pay her the upfront.I have to and see if i can get some loan so i can return to singapore to give her her upfront,she said she wants it in a bank draft

The $50,000 will include
My ticketing which she will arrange herself
Hotel cost
And Her commission

You are the only person am trusting with this,and i swear Mark if you frame me up or let me down,i will never forgive you,because i am trusting you with all my heart,i am willing to give you $200,000 of this money,donate some to the orphanage and get a good life.its alot that can turn our lifes for good,as soon as i arrive,i will need your help in putting this money into good use,and other ideas to invest it.

i would have loved to open up the sofa and take all this money instead of running around,but that wont be a good idea,its already sealed.and it will look unproffessional doing that in her presence,and moreover its been sealed again a second time.although i just arrived malaysia an hour ago so i can make begin to make arrangements of her upfront,I am so happy now,and i feel reliefed but all am thinking about is boarding that plane on Friday and leave my misery behind to Start a new life.How is your day going?

The Only problem i had was she really wanted to know its not a stolen money,and i persuaded her saying its from Diamond sells,and i am just a representative her,although she said everydetails should be kept confidential between both parties,and i should make sure our agreement are meet accordingly.please make sure you dress very cooperate guy when you come pick me up.

Please don not tell anyone about this

Hope to read back from you.

Put me in your prayers.

I cant wait to get on the plane on Friday because thats going to be a new path on a track of a new life.



Damn! She’s not holding back is she? What flight from Malaysia costs more than $50k? She already has $27k in the bank. Why not use that? Has she never heard of cheap flights on the Internet? I’ve just gone on and found a flight one-way from Mayalsia Airlines for 1,633.37 Singapore Dollars. Tonia’s ‘contact’ is part of the Canadian diamond dudes drug cartel!! … I need to warn Tonia not to go through with her plan. I can sort it all from my end – all I’ll need is her credit card number and expiry date!

Beside, doesn’t she think there might be a bit of suspicion when I’m trying to get a sofa through customs?

‘Anything to declare sir?’
‘Um, no?’
‘You’re carrying a sofa sir’
‘Yes, I’m returning it to IKEA, it doesn’t match my curtains…’ etc

Its not going to work is it? I’ll be bent over backwards getting my prostate checked in no time.

Jeez…. woman.


5 thoughts on “Tonia is getting it all Wong…

  1. ….and I’m not convinced that ‘any’ IKEA sofa is worth more than the cost of shipping it from Singapore – surely it’ll be cheaper to buy a new one once she’s over here? The girl is clearly not thinking straight about all this.

  2. Mark, reading through this i’m almost getting the impression you aren’t taking this seriously! What’s not to believe about this story? I’d say go with it – unpick the sofa when she arrives just to check the cash is there, but be careful as they have a 20 minute maximum stay in the pick up area, and if it turns out to be just a regular ikea sofa you could be seriously out of pocket mate..

  3. Hello mark,

    This is intriguing problem – but a probable scam. I also received an email today from “Tonia Wong” asking about the availability of our house – the email was worded exactly the same as the one you mention below – although my email has an added line of “IMPORTANT NOTICE
    Please email me directly only by my email is **ton** I will be happy to get your response”.

    I actually stumbled across your site after trying to look her up on facebook and myspace.

  4. Guys,

    See my post in another section of this blog……there is NO question this is a scam! Tonia wrote to me, responding to an ad I placed to rent a room in my house. Initially I indulged her, then grew bored and asked if she was proud being a cheating scammer… denial from her, just a warning that “you are in trouble”……priceless!!


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