Tonia has got back to me…

and boy, she is in bigger trouble than I could ever imagine!

Tonia jpg sony (2)

Hello Mark,

I really feel like telling you this might be a regret.i am really interested in renting your place,due to my present situation and the fact that i have to relocate.

This is a very confidential discussion between you and i,I meet a Canadian guy at a resort while doing some photo shot,and we’ve been friends for about 3months,he always travelled to Malaysia often,we had dinner once,he was a very nice guy who told me he was into Diamond business and i had no doubt to hesitate he was saying the truth because of his flambouyant life style.Just about two weeks ago He was arrested for drug trafficking and that is a death penalty here in asia,the day before he was arrested,he came to my house and entrusted a bag with me,he asked me he would get it back the next day before his flight back to Montreal.and i never opened it,but i just did 3days ago after i was told he was convicted to death and i found it was filled with US dollars,attached is the picture of the bag that contains the money.I couldnt believe my eye’s when i first set my eye’s on the content inside.

The canadian guy has been sentenced already,am so confused and nervous,i dont know what to do and i cant tell any1 am so scared,i cant even turn the money over to the authourities because i am scared of my own life.the system here is quite corrupt and i am so terrified and scared for my life right now.I cant sleep,i am having eating disorder all because of this.i just cant tell anbody here,and i really need to talk to someone.Can i confide in you?.Attached is the picture of the bag.

Thank you

Whoa, this is some super crazy stuff! Canadian guys, Diamond business’s, Malaysia, drug trafficing, death! I just thought this was going to be a normal Monday! But it seems I have a duty here because I have been given this confidential discussion, this girl has got a bag full of money, which, lets face it, I could do with that right now, because I’m moving house and Christmas is coming etc.

I’m going to have to seriously consider how to handle this. I’m not going to leave my good friend Tonia in this terrible situation. But I need to think, I need to plan this out carefully.

Someone could get hurt – and that someone could be me!



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