Big Trouble with Little Tonia

I’ve put my flat out to rent, which means I have to advertise, which means I have to make myself public in places that I normally wouldn’t venture and one of those places is scammer friendly Gumtree.

Within a hour of putting out the advert. I got a reply from Tonia Wong:

My Name is Tonia , i am 24yrs old,i am into photography, and would like to rent your place for a period of 6months or more, i just had a terrible breakup and will like to be away for a while. Is it available? How much does it cost monthly with utilities?

Thanks alot Tonia

Now, whilst being very happy at having a reply to my ad, I was very surprised to hear from someone in such a desperate situation. So I replied with the answers she needed and after chatting to @kieranmasterton, he advised to put a ‘human question’ in my response, just to check this wasn’t a scam:

Yes the flat is available, and utilities costs about £100. btw- I’ve been having trouble with spammers on gumtree so if you’re human, please answer this question: what is 1 + 1? If you do not answer correctly I will not reply to further emails.

About 30 seconds later I get this reply from Tonia:

1+1 are you kidding me 2 of course and everybody in the world gets spam mails
I really appreciate your urgent reply,but before any further discussion,i really have a secret on my mind thats becoming a burden to me,and i really need to talk to someone.Can i confide in you?please let me know.Here are few pictures of me,hope i can get your in return?

Thank you Tonia

Wow… this girl sounds like she’s in big trouble! She needs a shoulder to cry on, and at least a friendly ear to listen to her troubles. Not to mention, she’s pretty hot! With me being such a gent, there absolutely no reason why I should ignore a damsel in distress.. so I quickly get an email back to her saying:

ahh ok, yes sorry – I just had to make sure 🙂
and yes you can confide in me, what’s on your mind?

I really hope Tonia gets back to me soon… she sounds like she really needs my help!


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