She’s back already!!

Man, she can type fast for a model with a bag full of drug money! Here’s her email:

Hi Mark

I was very worried not hearing back from you intime,This has been a movie like type of story in my life and a reality have been living with in weeks,I will really like to stay with you for a period of 9months so i can get aquinted and adapt to my new enviroment.with you help i can get a new life,you can help me invest it into good business.I have secretly made some enquiries.

There is this woman in singapore that moves huge sums for casino and diamonds.i will go to singapore to meet with her tommorow,right now i cant sleep or eat,i am just so terrified.I have been through alot lately,i was raped on my way back from work November last yr and my boyfriend whom i paid his college tuition and sacrifised my life for left me.and now i feel this huge money is a blessing in disguise.Due to fear i had to stock the whole money into my italian leather sofa which i use for my photo shot,it took me 16hrs to get it sealed in.I feel at times this is a dream.

My Life is all in captivity of fear,but my only hope is the outcome of whatever this woman will say.and i am willing to share this with you.are you in?can i trust you?i swear if you set me up i will never forgive you


Argggh… stuffing the cash into a sofa!! a sofa!?! Have you ever tried lugging a sofa through customs! What was she thinking. This woman is insane. Why the hell does she want to stay for 9mths??? I mean a woman could have baby in that…. Oh no. I’m not falling for that one!

All she wants right now is for me to trust her, and tell her everything will be fine. I think I can do that.

She’s gunna have to wait tho, because Emmerdale is on now.


7 thoughts on “She’s back already!!

  1. Erm… you might wanna remove your address from the info box of this site… if that mad bitch turns up on your doorstep with a DFS sized delivery you could have a baby sized problem in 9 months time.

  2. hahahaha…. yes indeed! I’ll take my chances… I can’t believe she didn’t jump at the chance to bag my bank details though. Maybe she’s got a bigger plan up her sleeve!

  3. I’ve just had precisely the same response as your first article, from an advert on gumtree. I was doing some e-stalking of the name (as is natural, we don’t want to be housemates with bad people now do we?), and came across this blog.

    For now, I don’t think I’m going to reply. I’ll watch this and see what happens, but unless you actually somehow end up with a sofa full of money, I think that’s probably the safest bet πŸ˜‰

  4. Righty’o Scott – I’ll do my best to make this work for both of us… now then, if you’d just like to send me your credit card number and expiry date…


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