Fate: Theoretically problematic in thinking





The moral of this story is…

No matter what people try to do in an attempt to change the course of their life for better or worse, it will have minimal impact due to the grounding we have been given in the first few years of our lives. To really make a change, away from that template, we must make some incredibly radical changes, creating a gut feeling of it being completely wrong for us.


4 thoughts on “Fate: Theoretically problematic in thinking

  1. I think you should have given an explanation to go along with the pretty graphs as it is pretty ambiguous. Although maybe it’s sensible to leave it as it is as I’d probably tear it to shreds…


  2. All image no content… i’ve been saying this since 2001 (ish) it may have been 1999 I can’t remember when Mark joined UKOL

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