The speedboat police

Friday 25th at 7am – my alarm went off and killed a great dream….

I was out on the road driving somewhere with my camera on my lap. Its raining and I see a speed boat racing towards me, creating a huge wake on the flooded road opposite and throwing water all over my windscreen. I can hardly see. Once it had passed, I then see a police boat speeding past me in the same direction overtaking me. I hold out my camera and take a shot and the flash creates confusion with my driving and I fly off the road and over an edge of an embankment.

As my car tumbles downwards, I spot a road lamp and reach out and catch hold of a phone cable thats feeding a security camera on the top. I slide down the cable, gradually slowing my speed as I hit the ground. Looking up I can see my camera hooked on the top of the light, about to be ‘un-hooked’ and fall by the rotating security camera on top. I position myself underneath it and hold out my hands ready to catch it.

From the top of the embankment, a police officer leans out and shouts down to find out if I am OK.

My alarm clock goes off and I wake up.

gutted… as it was the start of a good dream – I then spent too much time trying to find a pen and paper to write everything down before losing all the details.



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