Invisible Segways

Well that didn’t take long did it? Last night I post about Dreaming and this morning I get one.

Must have been all the thought about it. I say ‘this morning’, because just like I stated yesterday, my dreams appear in the mornings. Here’s the details from 5.45am:

I’m out driving around my old home town of Street looking for places to skate and I find my old primary school. It’s shut but I can see a massive tree stump where a huge oak tree has been cut down. I’m skating the stump doing tricks with Sam Bosworth in the skatepark there. We talk about have the park has changed. I show people how I can pop my board between objects on the tail.

I then show a bunch of free runners how I can defy gravity, by hold my arms bent at the elbows, vertical fists made as if grabbing joysticks, clenching tight and ‘willing’ my internal organs to stay up off the ground.

I then whizz around the place like I’m on an invisible Segway. At one stage I virtually manage to invert myself 180 degrees to illustrate the control I have learned – though this hasn’t been tested before and I fear landing on my head whilst everyone watches. Luckily I pull it off.

I wake up thinking that I can still do it – after lying in bed for a bit thinking about it, I’m not so sure.

I wake up for real and realise I can’t.


I’ve had this sort of flying dream before, brilliant when it happens. So I’m looking forward to taking more control of it and seeing where I can float 🙂



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