Lucid Dreaming

Myself and Dreams have a difficult relationship.

I either don’t have them, have them and can’t recollect them, or have them recollect them and forget them almost instantly. The only saviour being, during the days after a dream, I may get flashbacks and suddenly get freaked out by some weird deja-vu, before realising that I dreamt something.

The majority of the time I don’t believe that I ‘ever’ had a dream.

Why? Because I didn’t know what a dream was. I know ‘what’ they are in the literal sense, but not what they are in the ‘specifically related to my sleep process’ way.

Rewind a decade: I am a light sleeper – if a gnat farts, I’m gunna hear it. Fact. I sleep very lightly, so lightly that it’s hard to tell whether I’m sleeping or whether I’m daydreaming and just letting my mind wander. The bit that reinforces this thought, is 90% of my dream recollection happens early in the morning, just before I wake. Normally when its a really bright day, and I get the chance to wake slowly.

My only memories of any other type of dream are of bad ones that kick me awake in the middle of the night.

Fast forward a decade or so… and I’ve since had discussions with people about dreams, and have realised that my ‘daydreams’ are in fact ‘Dreams’ in the dictionary definition sense. Hoo-ray for that, I was beginning to think that I was a freak of nature!

So now I’ve established I’ve got some material to play with. Excellent.

Rewind back a decade again, and I’m sat in Bristol watching a film that makes me feel sick and on drugs called Waking Life. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, don’t buy it – you’ll feel sick and think you’re on drugs. Ask about and someone will have it to borrow, or see if its available to borrow in the local library. You may only be able to watch this film once, some of you may not be able to watch it all the way through in one sitting, though strangely this film makes the most sense when you watch it through with company, talk about it, and watch it through again on another evening.

Waking Life is about Lucid Dreaming. When I watched it, I thought it was great fiction, an animation experiment and a nice idea. What I didn’t know, was that ‘Lucid Dreaming’ isn’t fiction. But even knowing that, it still feels a million miles away from my world whereas I can’t even recognise that I have actually ‘dreamt’ on most evenings.

Back to 2009 once more and I’ve just (part) read Tim Ferriss’s recent blog post about Lucid Dreaming.

I am therefore – (I have a spare moleskin) – starting a dream diary.

That’s all. I’ll keep you posted.


Links for this post:

Tim Ferriss’s blog post on Lucid Dreaming


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