excusing findings

Hey mark, how’s the writing going?

Not so good. Today I have learned. Setting a ‘start date’ is only great if you have all the elements in place to continue forward. I didn’t. So I stopped. For the last week completely.

I began writing thinking that I’d iron out the problems as I wrote, but it kept niggling me all the while that, I hadn’t figured out a particular point of the story: the ending. Yes, its a small thing isn’t it, but a necessary one that I, and the entire planet, agree’s should be present in a story. Hence the difficulty for me to continue.

Well today (last night technically) I figured out the problem, or I should say, the solution.

I watched ‘Sunshine’ last night, and the pivotal point in the film, begins with two words ‘I forgot’. Everything after that point spirals outwards with various plot twists which ultimately leads to everyone dying. Now ‘I forgot’ is a relatively simple couple of words that everyone accepts happens in their life, until you put a gaggle of cosomologists, physists, botanists, mathematicians and astronauts in a room, all with enough intelligence to float a boat full of thesauruses and one of them suddenly announces ‘I forgot’.

‘I forgot’ wipes out everything (literally, in the film) regarding Knowledge, Rehersal and Intelligence.

  1. Knowledge: you don’t have to be intelligent, but you can learn something.
  2. Rehersal: you don’t have to be intelligent or know why something ‘is’, you just have to be able to do what is needed, when it’s needed.
  3. Intelligence: you don’t have to know about anything in particular, or be able to do anything currently in existence, you just need to be good at figuring out what now is the best course of action, based on a new set of circumstances.

Anyone that has watched the film, will probably disagree with me and say the pivotal point in the film is the ship discovering the distress signal from the previous ship. Which is true, yet it’s not the one that sets off a chain of events causing them all to be killed. That is achieved by ‘I forgot’ dude forgetting.

Now I’m getting carried away here, but the point is: human error.

This is the connection here with my story – human error. We can think ourselves round in circles looking for rational explanations and reason why and how to prevent things from happening again, but human error is unpreventable. When it happens, nothing else really matters except damage limitation. Apologies aren’t relavant, excuses do no good either, neither does explanations or analysis. These things are only useful prior to ‘I forgot’ being discovered and announced. None of it is of any use after the event.

I find this interest, because normally ‘I forgot’ leads to more questions, like ‘why did you forget?’, ‘how can you not forget again?’ etc.  Completely negating the understanding that it was an accident of human error.

Human error – should be the ‘full stop’ in a conversation – but it rarely is. Blame, understanding, exploration and analysis – the search for reasons why, do nothing but spiral on and on uselessly. Humanity needs to learn when to stop searching and accept certain things.

Anyways… all this thought helped me out.


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