apps like lego bricks

Sometimes I think to myself, that a lot of these only apps, would be much more useful if they only worked together.

As a bit of a writer, I’m looking for a product that does all I need. But I can’t find it. I have tried so many services and apps and they all have great great features, but all lack one thing – the complete customisation that ‘I’ need.

Take for example the excellent visual customisation that Capzles allows, combined with the online sync’ing that Evernote has. Then throw in the lovely drag and drop useful rearranging of something like, with the problem solving features of Solvr. I’d love Zemanta suggestions of imagery, and perhaps a nice timeline option from timeglider? Then finally tidy it all up into a gorgeous looking air app that looks a hybrid of Tweetdeck and Buzzword?

So what I’m thinking is, would it be great if all these apps and services were built less like puzzle pieces and more like lego bricks? I’m sure this has already been thought about and I’m even more certain that someone can point me in the direction of a service that is providing it.

As a non-programmer, it appears ludicrous that building apps and services, people are having to design their own building blocks each time to do so. Imagine for a second if everything was standardised, it would do a app building what the humble bolt did for the Industrial Revolution. People would be able to stop worrying about creating existing things and focus on combining all the great elements already out there to further technological services for one and all.

Maybe then, I could ‘collect’ all the components I need to establish my own perfect software?


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