The Ultimate Twitter Usage Guide

Whilst in conversation with @kieranmasterton, he offered up this little piece of genius advice to new twitter users:

  1. Tell people when you’re making a coffee
  2. Tell people when something is awful
  3. Tell people when something is great
  4. Ask a question

As I said, genius.

It covers everything;

  1. the essential ‘banal’ to prove you’re human,
  2. the gems we find online to help others,
  3. the crap we’re faced with to give ourselves credibility,
  4. and the humility required to prove we don’t know everything.

advice I’ll certainly be following in future.



One thought on “The Ultimate Twitter Usage Guide

  1. Whilst in a chat with @missryall about the above, I wanted to make the formula more memorable, so came up with this:

    Now, Wow, Growl & How?

    Giving people in social spaces the banal (now), the positive (wow) and negative(growl) and asking questions (how?).

    I like that idea – I think I’ll use it lots 🙂

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