Retweet or Rethink? #fixreplies

Why I don’t agree with #fixreplies

What is #fixreplies?
People are gathering momentum to get Twitter to switch back a recently changed feature -preventing people from ‘listening in’ on conversations by people we don’t follow. (or whatever it is)

I’m not an employee at Twitter, I don’t have analyists, access to statistical data, market research information and knowledge of their future business plan or anything else about the company. They do, I don’t.

I am on the ground looking up at them, I can only look sideways towards my friends and aquaintances (those I’m following). It would be fair to say that I’m literally on the ‘ground’ of Twitters service. But that doesn’t mean I’m more qualified to advise, or create a movement against them. Look at it from their perspective.

They created this lovely monster, they nursed it to life, invited us all in to use it and gave it all away for free. Fair enough – so many other services have. But they also have a experts with more knowledge than me, they have a business plan to follow and a requirement to possibly make money in future, they will have access to user data and other stats about what we do online, how long we stay there and whether a feature introduced is even used. It would be fair to say that they are looking ‘over’ all the users. They see what I or we can never see – if anything it is we, that are not seeing the wood for the tree’s.

Some people within Twitter, have a huge following, they appear to be very influencial as most of us want what they’ve got – an audience. If someone ‘influencial’ puts together a string of words that makes sense to the masses, strikes a nerve into our social freedoms and makes us feel tricked – we feel hurt, we feel foolish, that we have allowed ourselves to be pushed around in that way, we feel like revoting, voicing our concerns, retweet the smart words from those ‘smart influencial’ people that ‘must’ be right.

hmm. Retweet? Rethink more like.

I don’t know what’s best for Twitter, and I don’t know what’s best for their business model and I do like change – I like things to evolve, for people to shift and shuffle about. I do like it when I’m challenged and I do like it when companies ruin things. It makes me rethink the value I put into a service, it makes me look around suddenly and realise, that not only are the people within the service, shifting, moving and alive, but the service itself is alive and evolving too.

…and I want to be a part of that, no matter what.

so sorry #fixreplies – I’m out, I’m happy with change… as it keeps me on me toes and doesn’t let me get complacent with the service I’m using.

(don’t reread, don’t edit, just hit Publish)



One thought on “Retweet or Rethink? #fixreplies

  1. Yes and yes.

    On a related note, of course there’s nothing wrong with people providing feedback, it’s just not been nice to see the amount of petulance/self-entitlement people have expressed over this comparably trivial event. I imagine charity campaigners looking on aghast.

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