Sicks scars

(sicks scars / six scars – did you see what I did there?)
Everyone has them – and they normally happen by some hilarious circumstances – here’s my top 5! (6):

1: Barbed wire
I have a scar on my left forearm, from where I caught my arm on some sharp barbed wire as I was racing through some woodland with my bro and friends as a kid. It pulled a chunk of flesh out of my arm and has left a raised ‘bump’ of new flesh covering the hole. Very similar in appearance to people’s BCG injections.

2: Brick face
As a small child, I fell and head butted a breeze block. I have 4 small scars across my forehead because of it.

3: Bottled
After watching people smash bottles over the heads of people in Films and TV shows I decided to try it out for myself with an empty panda pop bottle. I swung it against a goalpost and promptly sliced my thumb in a hook shape across one side.

4: Impaled
Underneath my right forearm, I have a small long thin line scar, from a time when I climbed a tree as a kid to retreive something stuck in it (a frisbee possibly). The tree was young and had a metal cage around it to protect it from the elements and vandals. On the climb down the cage with frisbee in hand I impalded myself on one of the spikes on the top. I got stuck for a moment until I realised I had to lift myself up off of it, in order to get back down to the ground. It hurt me.

5: Faceplant.
I photo’d a good vert skateboarding competition. Once it was over I was charged up and ready to roll myself. I didn’t know the ramp well enough and launched into a big backside ollie, pulled out too much and headed for a slam. I tried to kneeslide, but the new surface gripped my pads and flicked my face to the floor and smashed my jaw into the ramp. I took a chunk of flesh out of my chin and had a little ‘facelift’ to close the gap up again.

6: Eating Razorblades
As a small kid I found one of my dads razorblades in the shed, put it in my mouth and enjoy chewing it and breaking the brittle metal up into small pieces in my mouth. Eventually I got scared because blood came out of my mouth. I now have scars on the inside of mouth on both cheeks. I am therefore one of the very few people in the world that know what it feels like to eat razor blades – as opposed to people that appear to do it as part of some magic trick *grins*


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