stretching your brain settings

This is a post about creativity.

The above picture is a ‘chart’, a lovelychart to be precise. This isn’t a drawing package, its a chartmaking service. Which, as you notice, I didn’t use to make a chart. I also read a book by Lewis Hyde about how Tricksters make this world, and co-incidently watched a TED video of Philosopher-comedian, Emily Levine: A trickster’s theory of everything whereby the Lewis’ book was also quoted.

People that play by the rules, do as they are told and follow the manual. These people contribute nothing to a forward thinking society other than keeping everything ‘as is’. I picture it as a utopian world of perfect order and very very dull indeed.

People that try to break things, challenge thought and cause a shitstorm in a teacup- are the saviours of the world. With these people, the world is a much more interesting place to live. eg:

Twitter without the Mikeyy worm is a service full of security holes. Facebook without groups opposing its terms and conditions, is a controlling corporation doesn’t care what its users think.

The Laws that are set to control us, are only introduced ‘after’ something has happened and assessed as to whether it is any negative bearing on society. Until that point of decision, it is pure experimentation, creativity, pushing and twisting the existing laws that we live by.

This is how Creativity flourishes.

If people didn’t ignore guidelines, there would be no pushing of boundaries, without boundaries pushed, we would not discover extremes, without extremes we would not find limits, without limits we would not introduce change or discover new things, ways of interacting with existing things.

If I am given a software service or application on my computer, and I have a option to apply an effect or input a value to create change – I always, always, apply the maximum parameter available. I do this because I am visually orientated and want to see clearly what the tool will do, but I also do this because without this extreme understanding, I will not see the full range of control I have to be creative.

The only time I don’t apply this method, is when I know what the outcome of the parmeter change with bring. e.g:  a volume control.

With the picture above, I had a few scale and duplication tools at my disposal, and with these I took a very dull blue flow diagram box and expanded it, far larger than I, or anyone else would ever need for a chart – instantly I had my ‘sky’. From this, the rest all fell into place.

What do you do? how do you reach / push your extremes? Do you find the limits in whatever you have to create? If you don’t, I’m guessing you’re on the path to complete and utter mental bordem… and I advise you to stretch, scale, twist, warp and fiddle with all the settings you can find.

Make time to play, experiment for no reason whatsoever and make a mess – as without it you will not test yourself and discover the admiration in more adventurous others that you wished was found in yourself.



2 thoughts on “stretching your brain settings

  1. love it
    did you have some sort of motivation that pushed you
    to writing an article like this?
    or-blog but it seems to me like an insperational article – the ones
    you would print in a crafty up and new comeing magazine

    1. thank you, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      I had no motivation other than my thoughts. I like to think about why I do things – I hate accepting that I just ‘am’ a certain way. I also realise that the only thing I have control of in the world is myself and my interpretation of the world – so to try and use an excuse of ‘that’s just the way I am’ is a cop-out.

      I dunno – I thought it, so I wrote it 🙂

      I have more, they’ll arrive here shortly.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting x


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