titlepage.tv Kindle posts

This morning, I moaned about one of my favourite websites – Titlepage.tv, in reference to their series of short blog posts, pointing out the failings of the Kindle.


I’m sorry, but this continuing ‘series’ of poorly written blog posts about the kindle, is pathetic.

Please stop writing them, you are embarrassing yourself and patronising your user base. These posts do nothing more than give the impression you are struggling for decent content – and if this isn’t true, then you won’t have a problem dropping them and putting good content up in its place.

I am not a Kindle owner, nor a employee of Amazon or Kindle, but a Sony ebook user, however even I have a massive problem with you bitching on about this technology being a book killer.

This (and all other) technologies of its kind, won’t ever kill off the printed book, it is simply a piece of technology that aids the portability of a new reading format. Just like the Mp3 player has not killed off music, just like the electronic keyboard hasn’t stemmed the growth and pleasure derived from performance pianists. Anyone that thinks it’ll kill off paper books, probably has a history of bad judgements going back decades.

The main problem I have with the very theme of these posts is the negativity. Being in the digital industry, it bemuses me that you knock the very media that you exist in, without it, you wouldn’t have a service. Why not post positive messages? (I’ve only seen one: #4) Can you not think of any more? Maybe these largely negative posts are an attempt to balance out your overtly glowing praise of digital readers in order to be seen as impartial and balanced? If so, you’re doing a bad job of it, as I haven’t noticed.

Before you get all ‘jovial’ and tell me to lighten up, it is you, that is stretching a joke so thin that your readers have stopped laughing and are now tired of tone of the collective posts, rather than the humour of any one in particular.

I am a fan of the Titlepage series of shows and love watching them as soon as they are released, but I’m hoping someone will take a second look at this ‘great idea’ of yours and reassess its value… please don’t ignore this message as one of a disgruntled person, take these this constructive comments into a meeting and talk about them.

Very few people ‘think’ about why they like or dislike something, even less rationalise their thought, even less feel compelled to give feedback to help that distributor of information get a second chance to reconsider their actions. Most people will simply leave and never return. I am the audience Titlepage ‘needs’ to exist.

The greatest mistake you can assume, is that I am the voice of one person – your site statistics will reveal the true flavour of opinion.


Sorry – maybe its a bad day carrying all this straw on my back.


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