Twitter External Link Language

Twitter needs an External Link Language imo. Why? because links are frequent, but uninformative.

With more and more people posting and tiny.urls – who knows what we’re looking at.

Unless the writer knows how to spell out a decent explanation in 140 chars, we could all miss the gems. By us all understanding what we’re being sent to before we click, that way – we can cut down on being sent to virus links (until spammers start integrating it) and be prepared for the url content thats about to land in our browser.

Suggested Terms:
+t= text article
+p= picture
+v= video
+l= links/list
+a= audio/mp3/podcast

Any order of the above can be placed together after the tweeted text and link, e.g.:


The above would inform people that the link will take them to, text content, featuring at 1 picture/photo, a video and audio file with link list.

Here is an example tweet:

“friendfeed mimics twitter: +t+p”

Using something like the above, will allow us to search for tweets that include the files we want. Currently we can only search for ‘http’ which is great but not informative as to what the link will contain.

If this was used throughout the twitter community, think how this would shape your searches? Sure twitter only has 140 characters – but ask yourself how many of those characters are wasted trying to explain whats on the other end of the link? Some simple thought, and guidelines could shave that problem off your … ergh… xmas wish list?

The only thing stopping this format form spreading is you not using it, the next time you post a link on twitter. Don’t even explain what it is until asked – save that for another day. The smart people will find the source.

Soo.. TELL – thoughts anyone?


One thought on “Twitter External Link Language

  1. I’ve had another think about this and wonder whether the use of hash tags should be implimented. Twitter finds nothing if searched for +p, whilst tweetdeck finds everything. I’m guessing that Twitter is to blame here for not being able to run effective searches for simple characters.

    I could start using hash tags but, I’m on a mac and I don’t have a hash key 🙂

    Sooo.. for that reason I’m not going to use them – Twitter get with the problem and start searching correctly! – or just hurry up and sell to Google 🙂

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