So I’m a Mac user now…

[update] Here’s a few other things that people should bear in mind when switching from a PC to Mac:

  1. your webcam probably won’t work
  2. If you buy a ‘mini’ you won’t have a mic, or 3.5mm jack for a mic
  3. You won’t have a hash key on your keyboard
  4. You won’t have all those valuable shortcut keys in Photoshop.  



thanks to DK, I have a new mac mini and its lovely 😀

However – there’s somethings that don’t appear to work or make sense.

1: Using Skype on a PC is easy. When someone starts talking a big popup window appears, making it obvious. On a mac, if I’m already in a conversation with someone, it isn’t so obvious that a new conversation has been started – I get a red circle with a ‘1’ number in it, showing that I have another conversation available. I didn’t realise that – I thought it was telling me I had 1 phone call credit or something (as it was next to my balance figure) Therefore, I missed the conversation :/

On a mac, its clearly cooler – but its not ‘clear’. Interesting.

2: the little green plus icon in the top right of all my window – what does it do? I click it, and I think it will expand the window to full size – what it actually does is very inconsistent. Sometimes it shrinks my window, sometimes it expands the length, and sometimes it expands the width – but it never does all 3.

To me its like a ‘random expand’ button.. hit it and who knows where my window will go!

3: When I change my status of my chat applications – I can’t tell what status is set (hours later obviously) on them until I open them up again. I thought i’d be able to tell by hovering my mouse over the dashboard icons – but no.

On a pc it’s obvious, as a system tray icon changes to reflect my status.


There will be more things, I’m sure.. but this will do for now.


4 thoughts on “So I’m a Mac user now…

  1. Interesting points regarding the switch – here’s my response:

    1. install growl ( and set it up to tell you when another person has messages you on skype. Alternatively set the icon to bounce in the preferences of skype when you get a new message.

    2. never use this and just tried it on safari and mail – you’re right, a pot luck randomizer for the size – hehe

    3. you’ll have to show me this one…


  2. Agree, all good observations. I think with #2 it’s because you’re thinking like a PC user. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the reason for the confusion.

    I don’t know what Apple call it but it’s like a small/big toggle button. Effectively you can fix the min and max size for a given app window and toggle between them with the green + icon. Because Mac apps aren’t aware or more accurately aren’t constrained by the screen size it doesn’t operate like minimize and maximize on a Windows enviroment.

    DK is right tho I rarely use the function. However, I think this is because Apple have provided us with other means of controlling our windows and navigating the OS.


  3. The green window button isn’t really to maximize the window to full screen but just to resize it to a width and height that suits the website (if clicked when already in that mode, it’ll shrink it down thinking you want it smaller). Rarely do websites take up our screen from side to side so the browser (Safari more specifically) shouldn’t either.

    When I first switched from PC to Mac, I too was rather annoyed at how the zoom button (thinking it was equivalent to the maximize button on Windows) behaved but you do get use to it.

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