5 things I learned from Earth Hour

During an hour of electrical silence.. I reached the following conclusions:

  1. It took me 10mins before starting to gather all the stuff I need to operate in the dark.
  2. It took me 10mins after starting to light candles and get settled
  3. My neighbour downstairs has a chesty cough
  4. The street lights illuminate my home very well if I have the curtains open
  5. The thought of turning everything back on after the hour, felt hypocrytical
  6. The experience convinced me I should do this every day, not just once a year.

My electrical consumption was ‘complete’… with exception of my freeview box, which complains if I turn it off (seriously), my freezer – tho that could have gone off too for an hour, my digital alarm clock in the bedroom – left on only because I didn’t want to reset it (it takes ages) …. umm and that’s it. Everything – off.



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