timing videos


How fast could I create, upload and blog a video? 

  1. download the clip off my camera onto my computer
  2. 26mb – (think I’ll downsize it) shrink it in Premiere
  3. create an account on Gmail,
  4. log in to youtube,
  5. upload the video
  6. fill out the description info
  7. created a post on my blog. 

Total time: 22mins 13sec – I know what I’m doing! I guess we can double this time for web newbies.


OK, time for some facts. I’m a PC user, with a little Canon G7 camera, using built in canon software to offload the shots and footage. I used Adobe Premiere to shrink my video. I signed up a new gmail account, logged in to youtube with that same account. Uploaded a new video, and embedded it into my blog. 

The reason for this test was, to see how long it ‘really’ takes to upload video. Its easy to say, ‘it takes 5mins’ to create a video, but it never does, particularly for the people I visit in training sessions

The longest part of getting this 16sec clip ‘live’ was dealing with the file shrinking – I didn’t want to wait around for 26mb to upload – and premiere is much too beefy for such a little job (btw – I’m on an 18mth old PC laptop). 

This little experiment highlighted, my need for an app that shrinks videos quickly. 

I’m now off to go find one! Recommend me one if you know something good. Once I get this dialled, could microlectures be the future?!

how fast can you get a video online? race me


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