GPS test success

I fired up the GPS device in my kitchen, took a photo of it on my phone, drove all the way to bristol, transmiting a signal every minute. I stopped off at Dundry to photo the view of Bristol at night…. then on until the Gym in Harcliffe.

Follow the route: recommend watching in 3d view if you have google earth installed – then you get to see a little white car, driving all the way there 🙂 

The route is a bit jaggy because it was set at 1min intervals… every 5secs might be a better route. I’m driving off to Barnstaple on Friday, so I’ll try it then and post up the results.


One thought on “GPS test success

  1. Haha the 3D view is awesome, but there was some serious off-roading going on over the mendips!! You crazy bastard driving through fields and hedgerows just to shave some time off that bristol commute 😉


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