Web terminology top 5

Wanna stay ahead of the game?
Here’s my top 5 terms web entrepreneurs and social media gurus need to shut up about in 2009:

1: Blogs – they are called ‘websites’
2: Web2.0 – its called ‘the Internet’
3: Social Media – its called ‘the Internet’
4: Cloud Computing – its called ‘the Internet’
5: Mobile Platforms – its called ‘the Internet’

anything I’ve missed?


One thought on “Web terminology top 5

  1. Couldn’t agree more the buzz words need to stop. However, the industry has been in love with buzz since its conception. Remember when “desktop widgets” and widgets in general were the next big thing? Well, they’re back! I was asked about my opinion on Skinkers this week, yes Skinkers, remember them from UKOL in 2000?


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