more e-reader stuff…

I’ve watched all the promo videos of the Kindle 2, and still think its ugly as hell and I wouldn’t have one if you paid me – seriously – its the Skoda of the e-reader world. 

What’s the future? well I’ve been keeping an eye on the E-Ink activity going on and I’m much more interested in the PlasticLogic version (below) which actually is a decent size and all plastic:


However a recent (long) blog post on GIZMODO, point to the OLPC technology behind the XO Laptop, here’s a quote:

Mary Lou Jepsen—from Pixel Qi
She says that Pixel Qi‘s displays are actually more readable than e-paper, with “excellent reflectance, high resolution for text, sunlight readability”—just as easy on the eyes when the backlighting is turned off, but with the key advantages of full color and fast refresh, for pages that update as fast as video. Jepsen says it’s even possible to get a week of battery life from LCD tech, of course depending on the device the screens are embedded in. Infrastructurally and perhaps historically speaking, the odds are in LCD’s favor. Even new versions will be incredibly cheap and quick to manufacture because they can be made entirely in existing factories without requiring new, specialized equipment.

Now that sounds more like it! 

I’ll stop typing now, this screen is beginning to hurt my eyes again


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