how much don’t you know?

I need to meet 1 person I don’t know. We will meet and discuss topics until we find one we both don’t know anything about. With that one topic, we will maybe meet more people that don’t know about it? Making sure to stay away from those that have knowledge, as this will defeat the object.

What is the object?

To realise that there are more things we don’t know about than we do. Not only that but to realise that we will ‘think’ we know about subjects, because we think we are smart people and have been exposed to enough things to make judgements on most topics.

As humans, we don’t like to admit to being dumb. We live in the Internet age of mass collaboration and unlimited easy access knowledge, to not know something entirely is difficult to admit to ourselves. Try it. Find something that you know nothing about, and I bet you will formulate a ‘something out of nothing’ in your mind about it. Whether this is people walking around in white coats testing things, or horses on a track galloping somewhere. We may not know the details, but we will connect as many blanks as we can to form a picture of what it is ‘we don’t know’.

See what I mean now? To truely know nothing about anything is something… almost impossible.

As 2 (or more) self confessed dumb people in a room, we can record what it is we’re talking about and share it. We don’t have to do it, learn about it, or give it any more thought outside of our meeting (irl or virtually). Whats important is that we discover we know very little, and then share it.

Placing that information on a website, would be the best place for it – then other people without knowledge on that subject, can read our thoughts and conclusions and form their own conclusions about it. Perhaps they could join in and add to the lack of knowledge in that area. Though I think its important to not allow people to add directly to the content themselves, better to have them contact us (or a moderation stage) first so, their misguided understanding can be received, acknowledged and confirmed.

Together, I think this could grow and grow. More people reading, sharing and adding their misjudgments on topics, would untap a huge wealth of conversational void. I imagine, occasionally people may develop an understanding in a certain area and possible inform the rest of the community. I feel this should be discouraged, with either amendments to the chosen topic, or in extreme cases asking the individual to leave the group. It would not be fair on the others and to the topic originators to see their lack of hard work be ruined by a reckless few.

I like this idea. Imagine for a second how big it could get? Maybe the topics could be rated, thumbs up and down style. It would develop into a kind of reverse ‘long tail’. Subjects so obsqure and unique that baffle the entire world would know longer sit in absent in the majorities thoughts. Together we would lift the lack of knowledge out from from the shadows and be available for all to see. We could generate an audience for such topics.

This would be the largest source of lack of knowledge the world has ever seen – and I think its a go’er.

Who’s with me on this?


4 thoughts on “how much don’t you know?

  1. Are you the reincarnated Socrates?! He prided himself on knowing how little he knew which contrasted sharply to others in the Greek cities who believed they knew a lot. In order to expose their limited knowledge Socrates would use careful questionning to highlight the weaknesses in their arguments (hence the term ‘Socratic method’).

  2. you two are so funny!!! and live in such a great little world. I’m taking it that you don’t need two bus journeys, a tube ride and a current, valid passport to get there?

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