Gmail Offline mode

Soo.. GMails ‘Offline Mode’ is a fantastic addition to the service. I’m a frequent user of the Reader feature, so I’m sure the Mail version will get an equal amount of use, for those emails I can’t focus on repling to ‘right now’. However, unlike gReader, don’t wait to download all your mail… that’ll take ages. Stop it when you’ve gone back far enough – I didn’t realise at first there was an option to stop, pause or disconnect before its complete. Perfect tho for when you know you’re going to lose a connection, but can’t be certain when…. why can’t we have that for gReader too? And with the great ‘weak signal’ feature drip feeding your mails occasionally whenever your machine manages to find a signal! 

The only thing that I didn’t like, was when you reconnect GMail again, you are posed a question: 

do you want to remove all mail synchronised to this computer?

Presenting you with  ‘Remove’, ‘Keep’ or ‘Cancel’ buttons – sorry, but can we have a better question? Or remove it entirely and stick with ‘Keep’? I wasn’t sure how to answer this and played it safe with ‘Keep’… when would I ever want to ‘Remove’?


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