startups: make contacts fun

This is a call to all (wannabe) startups.

I’m fed up seeing the same old same old apps and services – why can’t someone build the app that I need! Why can’t I get a gloriously graphical drag and drop funky contacts list to manage in the style of Top Trumps? 

(Oh and I wanna be able to get my cards printed out too) <– wouldn’t that be cool!

That’s it, that’s all I need. I don’t want lots of text lists, or another social network to get confused with, just a simple graphical place I can sort and use online. Yes, I know about LinkedIn and I know about Soocial, but these don’t hit the spot for me (I’m a PC user btw). Think Plaxo with just the addressbook, but more graphical. Yet give me a pack of top trumps and all of a sudden those cards and my contacts become an interesting possibility. I’ve thought about this a lot and look, you can even have my brain dump:


So yeah, someone please bring some fun into the dullest aspect of my online experience, which, as far as I’m aware, no-one else is doing out there! And if there is, please tell me! 



One thought on “startups: make contacts fun

  1. Hi Mark, I love the way you are thinking about the address book. What you describe is exactly what we are attempting. We are trying to bring fun into the address book.

    You know we also have an outlook client already right? Or aren’t you an Outlook user?

    Anyway thanks for the mention and if you have specific feedback for us we’d love to hear it.

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