sea thinking

Zoom out from my life and what do I see? Birth, school, work, retirement, death. Zoom out further and what is seen? Birth, life, death. Zoom out again: nothing. Zoom right back in again to ‘now’: I am thinking and writing in a coffee shop, listening to music and drinking coffee. Zoom to the perspective of the woman 2 tables across and facing me: She see’s a mid 30s guy in glasses writing in a notepad during ‘lunch’ with headphones on. Allow her to zoom out in time from me, now what? She see’s me sitting in a café. Zoom out again: She doesn’t see me – nothing. 

This leads me to believe that we can only be seen from certain distances or periods of time. ‘Seen’ must equal an engagement activity or an effect on another, in order for an event to occur on our life ‘timeline’. 

Sorry, I got lost for a minute there… that’s an example of the sort of things which keep me awake at night.

Xmas by the sea isn’t something I usually do, but this year I am, and its having an interesting effect on my thoughts. 

I was watching the waves rise up and down and considered them to be the lungs of the earth. Always ‘breathing’, day in day out without fail, and if the sea ever stopping breathing, the people of the world would be very concerned – we will probably start to panic. 

Watching the tide flow in and out on the shore, I thought about a number of things; how the planet we live on is mostly water and how the sea ‘allows’ a certain amount of landmass to poke through its surface, for as long as it likes. The land exists, because the sea allows it so – its not the other way around. 

So the sea is breathing in and out, and receeding enough to allow us to settle and live. 

I watch the tide flood the beach and draw back out again, each time pulling at the shore line and dragging sand and pebbles back into it. This makes me think of people and their behaviour on the land. We are like water droplets (or rain), the more of us that gather together, we act like puddles and rivers, we begin to ‘flood’ the surface of the land expanding to reach wherever we can in our travels and movements along our own self made concrete rivers (roads). We use the land for whatever we need, then just like the tide, we pull back and return to our point of origin. We flood the land with people and return, we visit areas, gather what we need from it, and then return.

This then led me to think about how money behaves in the same way as we do and therefore the tide and seas. Money spreads to fill every area it can, staying for a while then withdraws back again to its source. Just like people and the sea, it floods an area, takes what it needs from the land and then receeds taking all it needs with it. We can all see this now with the economical situation of the world, money has flooded the land for a while and is now being pulled back in again. 

So now I’m thinking if people are aware they mimick the sea? If they are aware that money mimicks the tides? People realise that the sea erodes from the outside inland, but do they realise that we erode the land from the inside? 

The last thing I thought about was how the sea can, if it wants to, reclaim the land that we operate on. It can rise up, wash over and the surface of us whenever it feels like it. And whilst I’m thinking about it, money can do the same – hyperinflation – it can flood an economy and millions won’t even be able to buy you a loaf of bread. Effectively wiping out the entire point (value) that money was designed for.

I think people worry too much about us ‘killing the planet’. That phrase has never sat well with me. Its a massive gravitational ball of crusty lava swinging about the milkyway – we’re lucky to be able to sit on it for as long as we have. Sure we might have to pull our socks up a bit and not suck dry the elements we need to exist on it, but as for the planet itself, it knows fully how to look after itself – we couldn’t kill it if we tried. The sea would simply rise up and wipe the slate clean. ‘Killing ourselves on the planet’ might be a more accurate, yet less catchy phrase to throw around.

The last thing I thought about wasn’t about the sea, it was about the land and people’s lives that operate upon it. 

If you plan a route on google maps – you get 2 points, a ‘where I am now’ point, and a ‘where I want to be’ point. Google will generate the shortest distance between the 2 points for your journey. However you may select any region along that route and ‘move’ it to another road, and Google will redraw another map route for you so you can still go from ‘where I am now’ to ‘where I want to be’. 

It suddenly struck me that we operate like this in life. We know where we are, and (some of us) choose a place (Time, geographical, achievement etc) where we want to be in future. We then have an infinite number of ‘routes’ to reach our goal, and any region along that route can be realigned (by changing our decisions) to create a new route to the same destination. Some of these routes will be quicker, some will be more rewarding, some will be much longer often feeling pointless, but all of them, if followed will get you to ‘where I want to be’. 

I like this idea. But then I thought about all the other people wanting to get from ‘where they are now’ to ‘where they want to be’ in future. Still thinking about the map idea, other peoples ‘destinations’ would be represented like the other roads on the map. Some people will cross our own paths, some will follow along our same route, and some will be going in a completely different direction, but all will be going from their ‘now’ to their ‘then’. 

Hmm.. I’m not sure where I’m going with this thought, but I just wanted to note it down because it went through my head.

I guess I’m wondering if people behave like the earth because they are from the earth and deep down, like ‘really deep’ in ourselves, maybe this stage of following the tide was all that made sense to us? Without it, we wouldn’t know how to operate on the land. I’m sure we could think up our own solutions to live here, but why not just copy the sea? Its rather good at breathing forever, its never stopped, never failed, and as good now as it ever was.  

I then started thinking about fractals and how chaos can’t exist, because the earth doesn’t understand chaos. We create chaos in order to make sense of what we can’t understand. If fractals appear in everything, then to me that says that (thinking about how fractals appear) everything in future is built upon everything that is ‘now’, and everything ‘now’ is based upon everything ‘then’. Things might appear larger, smaller, on an angle or a different colour, but if we could zoom back far enough (in our lives or Time) we could see the bigger picture and understand what we’re all trying to look at.

This last thought is without (out of) context – but I don’t care, I thought it, therefore its worth it.

thirteen hundred and five words


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