Singing like a bird


ladies and gentlemen, a great day is upon us (well actually it was yesterday), today Music can begin for me. 

confused? yep me too. 

Y’see I hate Windows Media player, no matter how much they improve it, it still feels like something built from the ugly days of Windows ME *shudders. And I hate iTunes… why? because Apple, are just as bloody evil as microsoft – the player is too bulky for my feeble laptop, and it tries to pimp me stuff that I don’t want or like. 

Yesterday a better, faster, slicker, more community driven solution was released: Songbird. Hip hip hooray!

I’ve been keen to get my hands on this for a while – since, grabbing a developer version many moons ago…. I loved it. Take a look and try it for yourself. 

Think of it as all the open sourceness that makes FF good with gazzillions of plugins to make things better. 

Personally I’ve already added the coverflow feature to scroll through my albums just like Mac-ites can do (will probably remove it later tho, because its a bit pointless), I’ve also added a Twitter plugin to post my music choice, a plugin and a plugin for finding if my music choice is around in my area for gigs 🙂 

Very niiiice. Have a look at it (if hate WMPlayer and don’t want iTunes) 


4 thoughts on “Singing like a bird

  1. Apple as evil and M$?!?!?!?! wtf? Songbird looks interesting tho. Downloading it now. Will it keep my iPhone up-to-date? 😉

  2. Erm… ok. So I’ve just downloaded the app and taken a little bit of time to play with it, import my library, play some tracks and add some plugins etc. and I don’t get it.

    You’ve got an user interface ripped off from iTunes, albeit slightly rearranged and having just quickly benchmarked their load times, memory usage etc. iTunes seems to come out on top. With the same Music Library loaded and both apps idle this is how they compare:

    CPU usage: 10.2%
    Mem usage: 77.11 MB

    CPU usage: 0.1%
    Mem usage: 47.35 MB

    Clearly, Songbird is newer and therefore less developed but I don’t think you could ever call iTunes “bulky” based on this comparison. However, I am running a Mac and results may be different on a PC.

    As for the open sourceness that’s cool!!! and some of the plugins could be useful, however much of the stuff I can see on the plugins list is just stuff iTunes already has. Sorry to disagree but it feels like a pretty weak iTunes rip off. I’ll keep running them side by side for a while tho… see if the Open Source values sway my opinion at all 🙂


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