Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeextreme kayaking!

Thanks to the world of portable video, democratic access and instant distribution, incredible pictures of this activity comes available to the public. 

The Welsh Canoeing Association condems it, Welsh Water strictly forbids it, but kids (and adults) all over the world are watching the video of extreme kayaking on the news and saying ‘I wanna have a go at that!’ 

…and who can blame them? We’re given more and more dangerous things to do in a safe environment that we can no longer see what is safe and what isn’t. Add this thought to our lives getting progressively duller and our natural freedoms more restricted and it will further fuel the desire to go ‘off road’ with our activities. 

Alton Towers has started considering it, the X-Games is holding the championships next year there and a school in Dorset is organising a trip for 15yr olds to Llyn Brianne reservoir in Wales as part of their PE coursework. Lovely.


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