bring human emotion online

Don’t confuse things by giving me options, we’re all looking for an emotional connection.

Nothing online taps into that. How long has the emoticon been around? How long has it been used, missused, and ignored. People want their emotions to been seen and heard – where is it? why don’t we have it? its one of the most basic human functions surely? We can’t operate in a real world without it, yet its been skipped from every single online invention since the web began. Are we all missing something here? Have we all lost the plot, by getting excited by videos and photos?? Why aren’t people thinking about tapping in to the value of human emotion? Think about how people need it. What they do to show it, and give me that – don’t give me an option. I don’t get the option in the real world. Attach it, to my profile, make it right and make it work and watch those millions and millions of people jump on it and want to be part of it.

You cannot exist without emotion – unless you’re online. Get with the program people. 

The new brand you:
Certain things we adopt with alarming speed. Leaving people everywhere playing catchup, kids deciding for themselves whats good and bad and in the time it takes to send a text killing a brand name dead, wiping out entire platforms and causing a chaos theory shift like a South pacific tsumani.

The industry takes a massive hit in revenue, research companies make staff redundant as their predictions fall by the failing wayside and suddenly people are chasing vague micro trends with all the success of fishing for tadpoles.

If ‘they’ decide, that newspapers are dead, then goodbye print. Books are a waste of space and the latest technological development coming out of Japan is the latest Christmas must have. Where are we to go? What are we all chasing? The old days of being told how things were, in safety of Tomorrows World, or John Cravens Newsround gave us stability. We could grasp the finite future, we could prepare, we could see far enough ahead to plan our route to move into it, or away from it. But now we’re being driven into it whether we like it or not. If we don’t have a piece of technology, we’re dead. If we have a piece of technology but don’t use it, or worse, don’t know how to use it, then we’re equally dead. Wheel me in to a nursing home now and feed me soup through a straw.

Its chaos out there. We’re chasing chaos. Its a brand new Chaos theory we’re chasing and being pushed towards. You think you don’t fit in this world now? you wait 20mins. Sony are about to launch a new service that destroys everything that you’ve every thought about the way we communicate. Microsoft haven’t produced a super light weight Windows 7 version for nothing. Googles Android is public, Nokia’s new free unlimited music service – in a blink of a marketing print run, the face of music has shifted from a ‘buy this’ to a ‘have this – we’ll pay for it’.

Brand loyalty is more than just a marketing saying. People are valued again for as long as they don’t uSwitch their content straight out in to the hands of the next 5 min strong competitor. What are we doing? Where are we going? Who is steering us now? Its not a question of which ripple do we latch on to, but where the hell are the ripples coming from in the first place, who is starting them? and should the momentum even be listened to?

If the kids are on the cutting edge, and they are starting the ball rolling, should we steer them? Away from what they want and into what we need from them. Today’s news report, showed an advert describing kids as vermin that are being hunted and shot, to keep the numbers from spiralling out of control on the streets. They are the ripples that we’re chasing to control whilst trying to keep up with. Companies are no longer listening to the buying power of civilised media driven trends, but generating content and products and services reacting to the 5 mins fancies of kids that don’t have a clue what they want from life. But as long as there is a revenue stream attached, its all good. Or is it?

Should society pull itself back into line and stop pandering? Is the democracy of the Internet, killing everything that made sense of the world? not only will old people feel detatched from this world, but the middle aged too. If we don’t chase down and put some degree of control on this digital world we’ll be picking up the debris for decades to come and there won’t be a politician in sight to point the finger at.

Design for what is missing:
For a digital business to succeed today, not only must the content be visual, free, customisable and reliable, it needs to be instantly accessible, all content contributions need to be exportable, I need to be able to invite who I like, block who I like and delete every piece of shrapnel with no hint of an IP address. Forget about being practical and having longevity and being useful. The longtail police don’t care. Slap a donate button on there and live for the next 10 years in the Cayman Islands off the sale proceeds to Yahoo.

You’ve got an option to ride the wave with your self destructive email address, false ID and stream the whole thing down to a filter system of online contacts that have yet to be thought about. No login for the past week which hasn’t been authorised by your Google calendar? Adios, terminate everything and format c: We need an ejector seat, a poison pill online that allows us to go through and delete all. Wipe the net and start again. Its all a big game right?  this isn’t our lives? surely? Our lives are real, and physical and confrontational where we have to be responsible for our actions? and full of emotion whereby guilt exists for real and we can hurt people, not by deleting their avatar, or spamming their inbox, but by making someone cry.

Emotion is the missing link. We need the web to reconnect with human emotion. We should be heading towards a free online, democratic, contributory community where will emot for others around us. We are notified if they have been hurt, if they cry, if they are confused and regret and feel guilty. It should be public and it shouldn’t be deletable it shouldn’t be controlled by us, it becomes real. The Internet and its participants, becomes beautiful and responsible, we are human again online and restricted by everything we do because there are direct repercussions to our actions.

We are human, and we are online. don’t give me an emoticon in my email, I can ignore that. Count and monitor the reactions of other people to my actions. Measure that, put that online and offline, don’t allow me to hide it, or delete it. Force me into becoming a responsible adult again.

Companies listen up, don’t design me the next phone, or give me the more material possessions in a digital format, give me the biggest thing I cannot express correctly online, yet want so much to be known for, my emotion, my humour, my compassion and my love for others.

Then I will be happy. I will become human, online.

mark – insert immeasurable smiley face for the billionth time.


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