Nano: day 2 – 4160 words

So far so good. Better than last year where I started half heartedly 1 month and 4 days late. 

I find keeping up with the word count easy because my typing speed is pretty good. I’m sure a lot of less dexterous people fall at that hurdle. Being able to type fairly close to the speed of a spoken sentence really helps the process. Its literally like – ‘think & type’. 

Ok, now I know there’s a lot more to writing than blistering speed and relentless forward thinking – having a plan is a good place to start. I have one roughly drawn out, in the style of storyboards but with words instead of drawings. Tho I’ve already started to go off course, I need to make sure I stick to it. I still kick myself that I let last years effort wander about. 

Soo.. day 2 and I’m doing good. Only 46k to go…. it should be a piece of cake.


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